Wednesday, May 8, 2013

crafty & creative bridal shower!

Well, I've definitely been on blogging hiatus. Things are extremely hectic in my personal life right now: plus there are only about 4 people who read this blog, so I figured it would be OK to back-burner it for awhile. Did you miss me? ;)

One of the major reasons I've been so busy:  my sister is getting married in 2 weeks!!! It's been 18 months in the making, but I'm sure it's going to be an amazing event! Lots of hard work has gone into planning every detail--including some crafty projects that I can start to feature on here soon. A couple of things we made are still secret to be seen on the wedding day. :)

Her bridal shower was April 20, and as the Matron of Honor, I was largely responsible for making sure it didn't suck (UGH, I'm old!!- matron). The theme of the shower was "a Girly Christmas" - which might make no sense to people: Christmas in April? Well - my sister is Christmas CRAZY- it's her favorite time of year, hands down. She turns into an 8 year old again. Seriously. Also, her finace proposed to her on Christmas Eve 2011, and the proposal was Christmas themed as well. We did a spin on things by creating decor that was "girly" rather than traditional green and red. Mostly pinks, silver and her favorite color: purple!!

Just for fun, I am featuring some photos of the decor/displays/centerpieces for everyone. Just on the off chance that you EVER decide to do a "Girly Christmas" themed party, here are some ideas for you. There isn't an awful lot of actual crafting involved in this post - just a couple of items were created by us for the event. But, I was pretty proud of the outcome - and my sister loved it (the theme was a complete surprise to her ahead of time!). Enjoy and feel free to comment on how absolutely awesome and creative the bridal party is: it was truly a one-of-a-kind shower. :) 


A photo from every Christmas she's had.

Centerpieces: mini tinsel trees, holiday candy, silver votive candles in purple holders. Favors: Holiday candy and Yankee votive candles (Christmas scents).

Cake, created by Cakes by Karen.

Purple, silver, pink galore. Purple Christmas lights- very fun!

Closer up picture of the centerpieces.

Handmade Christmas ornament wreath (by me). Decor for the entry and later a grand prize for a game.

Guestbook: write your well-wishes on a Christmas ornament for the bride to keep and display on her tree for years to come!

"Meet the Maids" by the bride - table decorated with pre-lit purple tinsel trees, mini candy canes and holiday candy.

Christmas ornament "guestbook" entries are hung for display.

We totally surprised her by having her fiance come in dressed as Santa! It was so funny and cute. :)

One of our games - a Christmas cookie decorating contest!

We provided all the supplies and freshly baked sugar cookies cut out into Christmas shapes: the guests got creative!

The four finalists, picked by the bride!

Grand prize winner - she really liked the wreath. :) :) :)