Sunday, February 3, 2013

an {un}likely beginning

Anyone who knows me -- who TRULY knows me -- thinks it's hilarious when they find out I've started crafting. Or unbelievable. Or both.

A bit of background: when I was school-aged, I didn't exactly excel in art. Even the most basic skills eluded me. Well, I could color inside the lines - aside from that, I was a disaster in art class.

Don't believe me? Here is one of my worst (best?) creations. I'll let it sink in.

This is a fine clay creation right here. Any guesses?

This aerial view will certainly inspire you to "figure" it out...
Her enchanting eyes and luxurious lips aren't helping?

Something tells me that despite its beauty and perfection, you still have no idea what you're looking at. For some reason, I get this reaction a lot when people are exposed to this piece.

This is famous figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, posing gracefully for you.  Oh, I assure you that I'm not joking.

With one massive leg outstretched behind her. With disproportionate arms balancing her precariously. Wearing a gorgeous pink skating dress, buttocks accidentally showing as she glides on the "ice."

I was in 5th grade when I created this monster-piece - so, in all fairness, I guess it's not awful for a 10 year old? No... it's really, really awful.

This is only one of many pathetic art class creations. I think you get the picture. Back to the story...

It wasn't until high school that I realized I actually had SOME creative ability in the art realm. This is when I learned I could take a decent photograph. I took some classes, both in high school and college. I developed my own film and printed my photos in the darkroom. Some of them were halfway decent. To this day, I enjoy taking pictures, and every now and again I take one that I think could be considered "artsy." Maybe I'll post some in a future blog post (again, as proof :)) - but I need to move on with this story.

(Again, those who TRULY know me -- and those who end up reading this blog -- will attest to the fact that I am VERY wordy and love to tell stories within stories. I'll try my best to keep it in check. ;)).

Fast forward to 2012. There was a lot of time between college ending and 2012 - see, I'm doing much better at cutting to the chase! 

Last year is the year I started "dabbling" with crafting. I blame or credit Pinterest, depending on how you look at it. Pinterest is ADDICTIVE. I started browsing the DIY section and I was amazed at what people were capable of creating. This is where I found my first craft idea (more on that in my next post). 

It was really a stretch of my imagination to decide I was going to attempt that first craft. I knew my track record with making beautiful art wasn't great. Plus, I had an idea in my head about what constitutes a "crafter" - a stereotype that I think many others have, too. C'mon, you can admit picture Suzy Homemaker "types" of women, or "old ladies," or introverted homebodies. OK, maybe that was just my horrible stereotyping? At any rate, trust me when I say that I am an unlikely candidate to become a crafter. Plus, I was sure that people would make fun of me when they found me out!

Hence my decision to keep it secret at first. (Seriously - my Pinterest board with craft ideas is still set to private, and is called "closeted crafter)!

After the success of my first project (more on that in the next post too, I promise!), I gained the slightest bit of confidence in my ability. Very slight. But, I had learned something from the process of making that first craft that really fueled my interest in continuing.

I learned that I could escape when I crafted. I could focus on and ENJOY what I was doing, without a lot of outside "noise" going on in my mind.

This was incredible, because for that past year (or so), I had been extremely stressed, busy and preoccupied most days. The two biggest reasons? Having and raising our first child (b. May 2011), and opening my own business. Yeah, kind of hectic.

So, I learned that for me, crafting is a good distraction... it can be a lot more fun than I thought... and I actually don't suck at it! Seriously, against all odds - wait until you see a couple of the things I've made, and I'm hoping you'll agree.   

I started this blog because I wanted to share my projects with simple instructions so that you may try to create them, too! I also wanted to dispel the idea that crafting is for a certain "type" of person by telling you my story. Additionally, I want to instill confidence in people that don't have much natural artistic ability - you CAN become a crafter! Follow my blog to find out how!


  1. A Crafter You Know WellMarch 1, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    So much about you I did not know until now! You are a colorful writer! I can tell how proud you are of your adventure. I enjoyed reading this. Welcome to the world of DIY, crafting, and artistic exudation! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you! But, despite you saying that you are a crafter I know well-- I am not sure who wrote this! Care to reveal yourself? :)