Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Minute, $5 Spring Craft!

This one is simple and cheap - can't beat that! To add a nice pop of color and floral cheer to your home, make one or several to display on tabletops.

Painted Mason Jar with Faux Flowers

-Mason Jar or similar (mine was purchased at the Dollar Tree)

-Acrylic paint (as shown; from craft store this was 87 cents)

- Faux flowers (I chose hydrangeas from the craft store and used a coupon. They often have choices of fake flowers at a dollar store that you could use)


-Optional: foam brush and hair dryer.

Steps are shown in the photographs at the bottom of this blog entry.

1. Take off the jar of the lid. You won't be needing it; you can save it for something else if you want but I discarded.

2. Squeeze acrylic paint in your mason jar. Once a thin later covers the bottom, stop squeezing.

3. Slowly turn the jar upside down, sideways and around to coat the inside of the jar. The paint is thick and moves slowly, so be patient. You may need to add more, but really give it a chance to get coated with that first small amount you put in before you add more. Too much paint makes a mess later.

4. Once the jar is fully coated inside, turn it upside down on the newspaper. Wait about a minute.

5. Lift the jar from the newspaper and use the foam brush (or a wet paper towel, or your finger) to wipe the excess paint that has dripped along the rim. If you see a lot of paint pooling in the bottom of your jar, you need to repeat this step until there is barely any that drips out when you hold it upside down (this is why I said less is more for the paint :))

6. If you'd like, you can blow dry the inside of the jar for a couple of minutes. It starts the drying process, but would take a very long time to dry it this way completely. Because....

7. You will need to set it right-side up for about 24 hours until it's completely dry. When the paint has coated the inside and the rim is free of any excess paint drips (AND you don't have a pool of paint hanging out in the bottom)- THEN you are ready for this step.

8. When the jar is dry inside, place your faux flowers inside and find a spot to show off your work!

OK, so technically this project takes a day before it's done...but the actual work does only take about 5 minutes. The rest is letting paint dry (exciting). I think I'll make another with lavender paint for the main floor bathroom. Let me know if you enjoy this craft and if you do one, please share pictures with us! Happy spring! 

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