Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Tulle Wreath - SO Colorful!

Yes I know, another wreath. But I did take a wreath break for awhile, so hopefully you're feeling ready for another. :) Once again, I found the original idea for this on Pinterest - I really liked how this one came out, and thought the DIY was very easy to follow. See the post that inspired my spring wreath by going here.

This one was fairly easy compared to the other wreaths I've made. I decided this one would showcase colors that I felt represent spring and Easter. As usual, the post is organized as follows: a photo of the final project; a list of necessary supplies; step-by-step DIY guide and then photos that I took at various stages of the project.


  • 6" rolls of tulle. I had six total rolls - some were 15 yards and some were 25 yards. I ended up having plenty leftover.
  • 10" styrofoam wreath. The tulle really expands the size of your wreath, so an 8 or 10 inch wreath is going to yield a good size wreath (mine ended up being about 14'').
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon to hang your finished wreath


1. Cut your tulle at the desired length. If you like the size of my wreath, I cut each piece of tulle at about 22 inches long. I would cut 4 pieces of each color (except my glitter tulle- for that I only did two at a time). 

2. Fold your piece of tulle in half. Loop this piece of tulle around your wreath and pull the loose ends through the loop. The original DIY can explain this better than I see to be able to word it; hopefully you can tell how I did it by looking at the photos, too.

3. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

4. Push your tulle as close together as you'd like. I liked mine to be really full, so I definitely pushed the tulle very tightly as I went around the wreath.

5. Choose a coordinating ribbon and loop around the top of the wreath - knot and tie a bow!

TIP: Do NOT buy glitter tulle unless you are prepared to have a HUGE mess. I'm not joking - the glitter got EVERYWHERE. I will not be using it if I make another tulle wreath.

Simple, right?? Do any combination of colors for the season or a specific holiday- you could also jazz it up by adding embellishments. Be creative with it and I think you'll like the end product!

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