Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easy Mod Podge Print to Canvas

I've been finding some really cute and/or inspirational quotes on the Internet. Often, these "printables" are found in PDF format with accompanying artwork and cool fonts. I have found many on Pinterest (no surprise there!)- I've also found a lot of projects on Pinterest involving Mod Podge. Marry these two ideas and you have my next project!

First, I downloaded my free printable. Since my color printer isn't the best, I decided I would pay to get it printed. I sent the file to Staples via their Internet site. It was something like 60 cents a page, which I thought was very reasonable!

I bought the supplies I needed at the craft store - an 8x10 canvas; a bottle of Mod Podge (matte finish); a small foam brush and a bottle of blue acrylic paint. When all was said and done, I spent less than $15 (and the Mod Podge can be used for many other projects!)

Essentially, I wanted to adhere my print to canvas for display or hanging - this, of course, an alternative to framing it. I like how if you do it right, your print ends up looking like it was printed directly on the canvas. This is reminiscent of wall art you can buy at a store like Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.


1. Paint your canvas. I did the sides and border, since my print was going to cover the entire front.

2. While that dried, I trimmed the sides of my print. It was 8x11 and my canvas was 8x10. Using a ruler and Exacto knife helped make the cuts straight and smooth.

3. Use the sponge brush to apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the entire front of the canvas.

4. Gently lay your print on the front of the canvas. Smooth the bubbles of the paper with the sides and palm of your hand.

5. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on the top of your print to seal it and add a nice sheen to the top when it dries. I left it overnight- this ensured that it dried completely, and any small bubbles somehow disappeared! Not sure how that happens, but I had read online that it does- then I saw it for myself!

I put the finished product in my therapy office. I didn't hang it because my walls are pretty well decorated- but it added some needed color to my side table. I've had clients comment about its vibrant color, but especially about the message the quote sends.

This would also be an easy and appreciated gift to give. Try it out and see!

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